A Birthday Gift For Robin and Rescue Paw Foundation

ourcauseforpaws-smlRobin got a nice present for her birthday from her dad! It’s a bracelet that London Jewelers made to raise funds to help shelter animals!

Rescue Paw Foundation in New York receives a donation every time someone buys a bracelet or necklace with the dog paw symbol. They come in gold and silver and some, like this one, have a diamond too. The foundation then makes grants to non-profit organizations that work hands on in rescue and animal welfare. They are particularly interested in supporting organizations that shelter rescue animals, organize foster for them, promote adoption and prevention of animal overpopulation and/or raise awareness about animal abuse and neglect.

According to the foundation’s website, they are focusing particular attention on Alabama right now. Alabama’s in the South (like my state, too), where there are thousands of animals in need. Thank you, Rescue Paw Foundation and all of the humans who are helping animals in Alabama.

Thank you London Jewelers.

Most of all, thank you, Grandpa!


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift For Robin and Rescue Paw Foundation

  1. What a sweet and thoughtful gift for mewz Grandpaw to give Robin. It’s pawesome she gets something pretty to wear, cherish, and that helps animals in need.

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