Doing Good in Memory of Mystery

MysteryToday we remember Mystery.

His memory inspires Robin to do the best she can for all of us kitties. For example, she helps people in our town get their kitties spayed and neutered, so we can reduce the number of kitties who have no humans to care for them.

Mystery and other kitties who came before us also inspire her to share the healing potential of hanging out with cats with as many humans as will listen to her. She’s really glad that science is beginning to catch up with the knowledge she has gained from experience with cats. It helps get people’s attention when, for example, scientific research begins to demonstrate that the frequency of cat purrs helps heal bone fractures and reduce difficulty in breathing.

Mystery, and Miss Niki before him, helped Robin feel better. Becket has followed up by teaching himself what she needs when she’s not feeling well. We are hoping that Brie Cheese will go to medical school because he seems to have the knack for healing humans. Until he takes the MCAT, however, he and his brothers will continue preparing to offer kitty therapy to humans. They took a training break while Robin finished out the fall semester at her university, but they all (including Robin) reaffirm their commitment to becoming the best possible ambassadors for cats and healing presences for all the humans who meet them.

The Cheeses carry our embodied prayer in memory of Mystery.

6 thoughts on “Doing Good in Memory of Mystery

  1. Um . . . does this mean The Cheeses are gonna stay? Do they have their onetruehom with you?

    Respectfully meowed,
    The Feline Contingent
    (Lilith, Rosc0, And Tina)
    & Staff
    (Debby Hanoka)

    1. As they say on Facebook, “It’s complicated.” It seems Robin imaginated a dream she has in a challenging order, but it seems we and she and the Cheeses have some important mission. That’s what she says, anyway. When she tells me more about it, I’ll be passing it along to all the Cuddle family and friends! Thank you for asking.

      1. My Mom believes when one fur baby leaves their human for the Bridge they become angels who lead kitties in need on Earth to their family on Earth, to help the humans heal, not be lonely and to give the kitties in need a truly loving family. She says this is exactly what happened with our meeting- her kit Livy who was tragically murdered by a vicious human sent my human to our local shelter so a special needs kitty like me could adopt her. Mystery was a cat who taught Robin so many things and knowing what a compassionate and smart student she was, he knew the Cheeses being compassionate souls and smart kits, would make the perfect match for mewz family. His many years of teaching Robin had a purpose and we believe he desires for Robin to not only share the lessons learned with us, mewz Cuddle Family, but with some smart kitties to be students for her to teach and pass on his insightful knowledge of all that is of the feline and human relationship.
        I understand taking on four more mouths to feed is not easy, yet if anyone can make it work I know Robin can, especially with all mewz Bisha kitties there to help. And we as mewz Cuddle Family are here too, willing to help in any way we can. The Cheeses are an admired and beloved group of siblings who compliment one another with their individual strengths that together can go far in helping to educate the world on the value and worth we kitties have. It is a mission of knowledge on the benefit of felines: social, physical, medical, psychological, humanity, and compassion. We adore and look forward to mewz posts and think of the Cheeses as forever members of mewz household, and will be crossing our paws and fingers that is how Robin and mew view them as well.

        1. We had an absolutely lovely day today! Everyone got along really well. We’re not perfect, but we did give Robin her Christmas wish that anyone who wanted to be in a room could be and be in harmony. I had a little argument with Lexie, but Meggy and Lexie got along and Meggy was almost nice to the Cheeses.

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