The Cheeses Prepare for Class

colby-desk-smlThe Cheeses are preparing to visit Robin’s class on Tuesday evening. This will be their first time to visit a classroom with actual people in it, so Robin took them today to get familiar with the space. The kittens want to be prepared to meet the students and worked out a plan. Colby is going to make the main presentation because he is very comfortable on the instructor’s desk in the classroom.

bleu-desk-smlBleu wants to join in with the students. He picked out a special desk.

Brie was there too, but Robin didn’t get any good pictures of him because he wanted her to carry him around a lot.

Robin and the kittens walked all around the room together to check out every inch and make sure its all safe for them.

Before their PetSmart adoption event experience, Colby and Brie got pretty nervous when they went to explore classrooms. Now, they are just as brave as Bleu.

cheddar-classroom-smlCheddar feels at home everywhere.

2 thoughts on “The Cheeses Prepare for Class

  1. Sorry I’ ve been missing for so long. Now I’m not sure what has been happening at your house, but it looks like Robin is trying to socialize some fosters maybe. Or maybe she is hoping a student will adopt one or two.. Way to go Robin.

    1. These are the same Cheese Kittens who showed up here in September. They are in training to be therapy cats. A couple of them are also advertising for forever people on Petfinder (Lexie has an call for Forever People up there too.) In the meantime, we keep getting along better and better and the Cheeses keep learning that it’s safe and fun to suit up in harness and go visiting.

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