Colby and His Harness

colby-chewed-harness-smlIt had to happen, right? Four kittens, four harnesses. Someone’s going to chew through.

colby-harness-smlThat most American of Cheeses, little Colby Cheese, got a bit bored when Robin left their harnesses on the kittens while she made a decision.

Colby is also the most likely to escape their “room” when Robin leaves. It’s his favorite game: escape and be caught. He likes the feather toy Robin uses to get his attention, and he likes her to carry him back. Colby escaped five times this morning alone!

Colby loves to run and play. He also loves to cuddle with Robin, and occasionally to play with a toy and her ankle at the same time. She says he has really cute paws. She has trimmed his little claws.

Today, Robin had Colby wear Lexie’s harness, size medium, and he seemed pretty happy in it. Colby explores confidently in his harness and leash, but he doesn’t want to wear the harness when he’s done working, I guess.

If you are Colby’s forever person, please call us! He’s got ads on and

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