Holiday Gift for Birds…. and Cheeses

bird-feeder-smlU.H. and Robin feed birds every morning at the same time they are feeding Garden Kitties. The feeders are on two sides of the house and can be viewed from the living room, my room, the catio, and the upstairs craft room. The Cheeses enjoy peering at the birds when they are in one of these places.

Robin decided the Cheeses needed some birds to watch out the window they spend the most time in. She searched for a feeder she could mount on the fence. Since no such feeder was to be had, she got a big hook at Home Depot, found a place she could get the big hook to go in the dirt and hung the feeder up right outside the window. Then she waited… until she had to go to work.

U.H. called her to tell her birds had eaten all the seed and Cheeses had enjoyed watching birds. That was the first day.

TCheeses-window-smlhe second day, the birds didn’t eat any seed all morning long. Then they came in the afternoon. The sun is so bright outside the window that you can’t actually SEE the birds. You can just tell from the kittens’ posture that they are intent on something. (It was sparrows.)

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