Cheesy Halloween to All!

We’re all set for Halloween at our house, even without dressing up.

As you have no doubt noticed, our Cheese Kittens are naturally dressed for Halloween. Three orange and one black! We have some big black kitties too. I’m orange and so is Huck.

Meggy’s fur is ALL the Halloween colors.

Meggy-CheddarWhile Robin was away studying TTouch, UH started letting the Cheeses come out and run around in what’s supposed to be our garage, but is really a laundry, craft and storage space. Meggy likes to hang out there too, so she met Cheddar face to face. She wasn’t very nice to him, actually, so now she goes upstairs and stays there while the Cheeses run around.

Reggie has touched noses politely with a couple of the little boys.  I go in my room to have tuna flakes at about the same time the Cheeses come out.


The Cheeses like looking out the window. Brie especially loves hanging out in the window.

bleu-foot-smlLast night, Bleu and Cheddar got a little too clever in hanging out. Robin pulled the blinded all the way to keep the kittens safe.cheddar-blindes-sml


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