Robin and Lucky Go to the Dentist

Lucky_dentistWe couldn’t go with Robin to the dentist today, so we sent Lucky with her. Lucky is the mascot of her university, so he’s used to a life of service.

Lucky sat on Robin’s lap and let her squeeze him while the dentist drilled her tooth. She got through the part where the dentist gets her tooth ready for the crown. She’s got, well she had, a temporary crown. The temp, however didn’t even last two hours.

Robin’s really going to need all of us for the next couple of weeks while the lab makes the real crown. Tonight, she’s going to need us, Lucky and a lot of wine as the anesthetic wears off.

The Cheeses, the rest of the big cats and I are up to the challenge!

2 thoughts on “Robin and Lucky Go to the Dentist

  1. Robin has jaw and neck aches in addition to the ache of the tooth itself. This one has not been easy. She’ll be OK. We’re keeping her comfortable.

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