Funny Farmer Felines Interviewed Us for Mousebreath!

meggy-computerCheshie just appointed me publicity kitty, and I want you to know WE’RE ON MOUSEBREATH! Funny Farmer Felines interviewed us and made a CUTE PICTURE of ME, Cheshie and Karma. I LOVE talking to our fans about Cheshie and Mom and ME!

We also get a CUTE BADGE to put on Cheshie’s blog!Featured

The interview mentions Cheshie’s book, Please, Send Money by Cheshire Kitten. If you want to buy the book,  stop by Cheshie’s shop on ArtFire. Mom’s also got some art there. She’s pretty good, although she doesn’t draw ME often enough.

Cheshie also talked about Buddies! magazine, Mom’s project. I don’t know if she’ll ever get as popular as WE are, but she’s trying. Buddies! will be available in September as a print-on-demand magazine or a download. Generous donors have contributed to allow her to print copies to give to new dog and cat adopters! She has some great people working with her on this project, so we have high expectations! We’ll let you know where to find Buddies! when the issue is published.


7 thoughts on “Funny Farmer Felines Interviewed Us for Mousebreath!

  1. veree nice interviews at mousebreath cheshire, nutmeg & karma !!! nice two meet everee one….sew…what cha guys think bout….flounder :) hope everee one haza grate week oh end ~~~~~

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