Cat Days of Summer


I’m enjoying my days hanging out in the WHOLE house (not upstairs, however, because Belle lives up there!) and even going out in the catio.

Becket was on the couch relaxing after his morning brushing when I decided to hop up there too. Becket didn’t mind at all. We stayed there for a few minutes, then Reggie jumped up on the back of the couch. We ALL got off the couch after that! No one got in trouble though!

karma-momUH and Karma watched Robin get ready for a training (read SHOW OFF) session with Nutmeggy. Robin’s writing a column about training kitties. Meggy is featured in the illustration for the column.

I can’t show you that picture, you’ll have to wait for the first issue of Buddies! magazine. Robin and her students have pulled together all of the articles for the first issue. Now, it’s in the design phase. They hope to have the issue ready for the audience by September.

For now, we’ll relax and wait.

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