Rough Week This Week

ck-little-smlThis week started with a visit to the vet. The NEW vet.

Meggy and I went together, which was new for us. We are used to getting in the carrier (that is dramatically oversimplifying the process) and driving in the car for about 5 minutes at the most. We were both singing, although I am a much better singer than she is, and the trip went on, and on, and on, and … And UH was with us too, which didn’t make any sense at all. We sang and sang and sang for about 25 minutes before we slowed down and stopped.

We stayed in the car while Robin went in to tell them we had arrived. She didn’t want to take us in because we were still singing. She thought we might upset the other dogs and cats. How could anyone be upset by a little kitty counterpoint?

It turned out that they had a room we could go in, so we explored that room and hid under the top half of one of the carriers under the examination table. Our new vet sat down on the floor with us under the table. We thought that was a bit odd and it threw us off our melody. When our doctor cuddled me, Meggy was dumbfounded, and so was I. I think Robin might have cried a little, even.

We had our vaccinations, but we didn’t really notice because it was so interesting sitting under the table with our doctor.

We did sing on the way home, but Meggy was winding down a bit. I happily went in my room to sleep when we got home. Meggy went upstairs, but she wasn’t sleepy. She wasn’t sleepy the next day either, but I was. I stayed in a cardboard box in my room almost the entire day.

I did cough a little that day, too. But our new doctor listened to my lungs and said they sound good. She noticed “crackling” that sounds like a bit of an allergy to her. She had suggested a few months ago when Reggie and Karma met her,  that I should try completely dust-free kitty litter. I now have Blue Naturally Fresh litter that is made out of walnut shells. I thought it was weird at first, because it’s brown, but I got used to it. I also cut way back on my coughing. It was great not to have a chest x-ray. Robin used to insist on those ALL THE TIME.

Meggy slept most of the next day because she had to have medicine to get rid of a tape worm. She is normally so happy and bouncy, but she slept most of the day in the foster enclosure. Karma was feeling nice that day and stayed with her. She has her good moments, that Karma.

I haven’t been out in the whole house since Sunday, when I chased Reggie three times. We have had treats on opposite sides of the screens a few times. I haven’t even thought about yelling at him. Well, maybe a little bit. The dining room is getting boring again, so I go back in my room to sleep on my chair. I’ve spent a lot of time in the cardboard box and hanging out with Lexie. Today, we had some awesome fish.

Right now, I hear the big, noisy, bangs that humans like on July 4. Maybe now that we have that out of the way, everyone will be relaxed and ready to hang out all together again. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my cuddles with Robin.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Boris Kitty!


One thought on “Rough Week This Week

  1. Awwwww Chessie, I’m so proud of mew and Meggy did so well at the NEW vet. I’m not a fan of going either, mostly the getting in my carrier and going in the car part. Once I get there and out I am groovy, in fact everyone there knows me so well from my frequent visits and stays over the years thanks to my auto immune disorder. They are super nice and kind, I just do not like being confined, am claustrophobic. I have to be tricked to go in the carrier: Grandpaw gives me scritches and pets and slyly picks me up while Mom sneaks and arrives suddenly with the carrier that I am then imprisoned in! Can mew believe the audacity?! The humans know when I see the carrier I will start running and hide, so they came up with this plot. HISS!!!
    I hope mew all had a pleasant and not too unnerving 4th of July, all those sounds leave us on edge. Birthdays are fun, but why humans feel the need to blow things up is beyond me and another example of their odd behaviors. I guess it also gives credence to the fact that the feline species is far superior. MOL!!

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