I’m used to Reggie! (Mostly.)

ck-robin-dress-smlI got really tired of the pace of my training program. The syllabus called for more time with the screens for barriers while the humans moved food bowls for Reggie and me closer and closer. Then, we were scheduled to start the whole process over with no screens.


Yesterday, I sneaked under one of the screens. I have been watching my sisfurs slip under every since Day 3 of training. I’m just as smart as they are.

I liked being in the whole house, even if Reggie is in here too. The best part of yesterday actually happened while Reggie was right there in the same room with me and Becket. We had so many treats! I couldn’t have imagined having that many treats at the same time in my wildest dreams. Every time I saw Reggie, I got even more treats.

I did shout at Reggie a couple of times and had to go for time out in my room, but after I calmed down, I got to come back out.

We had a repair man visit, too, so I had to hide for about an hour. Actually, everyone hid, except Robin.

Robin says I’m her brave, confident boy. I was really tired at the end of the day yesterday. Robin was especially sleepy, so we all went to bed at 8 p.m.

Reggie is not used to me yet, so we are not going to be together on our own. I’m glad that I have Robin to rely on to help me make better decisions where Reggie is concerned. I’m not very good at it yet.

5 thoughts on “I’m used to Reggie! (Mostly.)

  1. Such a brave boy! We’re all so proud of you, Cheshire!!! Soon, we’ll be surprised to see a photo of you and Reggie all snuggled up and sleeping together! =;-) Hugzzzzzzzzzzz to all … RAY & TIPPER — @DaneRay

  2. Sorry M says. If she would have read farther back she would know Robin is starting a magazine. Good for her. Forget the idea of a book – this will work also. That Robin is amazing.

  3. Amazing progress has been made. M says your Robin really knows what she is doing and has the patience of a saint! Maybe Robin should write a book on how to do this. It might be of help to others. Your bloggy is nice, but a book might reach more people – maybe!

  4. Chessie mewz Robin is right- mew are a brave boy. Mew are a brave and smart boy becoming a confident mancat more and more each day of mewz training. I am impressed and proud of mewz progress, I commend mew. My human Mom says I could use a course taught by mewz Robin when it comes to my interaction with my brofur Kaspars. Hmph. She seems to forget I am a senior ladycat of almost 13 years and am not required to take any courses, it’s in our adoption agreement: when I adopted her 10 years ago she agreed to be trained by ME and only SHE was to be trained!
    It’s not my fault Kaspars the feral manbeastcat would show up in our yard 5 months later, screeching for food while hiding in the snowy bushes! I never consented to him being adopted in to the family. SHE and my aunt felt sorry for him and over a few months fed and befriended him. They insisted they were only taking him to the stabby place to be looked over, and fostering him until we found him a home, so I indulged them. Six months later the sneaky manbeastcat had wormed his way in to the house, let them ‘touch the top of his head!’as if that was some HUGE accomplishment. I bring them mousies, snakies and they scream, but he lets them touch his head and he’s their ‘sweet little son cat!’!! *tail begins to fatten* Then one day a friend called to tell them she would adopt him to live in her barn, and kitty for her kids…my dream was coming true! My ears began to burn though when I heard Mom tell her ‘actually we’ve come to love him so and cannot bear to let him go. I’m sorry, we decided to keep him.’ Can mew believe it?! She and my aunt later tried to reason with me ‘but Pheebs we love him! We know you and Černy (my angel sisfur) must too. He loves it here and is doing so well, has come so far.’ I gave them a look that said ‘I will have nothing to do with it and never accept it!’ That was almost ten years ago and mew know what? I have stayed true to my word! MEWHAHAHA!

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