Day 2: Getting used to Reggie Plus Paws in Prison

Today, I ran at Reggie but didn’t want to hit my head on the screen, so I stopped short. I yelled at him a little bit later. For the most part, I didn’t want to eat where he might see me or I might see him. However, I did eat some of the fancy food that @NikePurrfektCat gave to Meggy while I was in the dining room, and I did, finally, curl up on Robin’s lap for a little while.

The humans seem concerned about how Reggie feels about all of this. Why?

Robin, Lexie and I hung out in the dining room, and Meggy was there for part of the time too. I really like sitting in my room with Robin better than this. Meggy and Lexie sat on the piano at the same time. I was underneath.

Robin was typing and reading, which is a lot less interesting than rope.

I wish I had some pictures to show you of what this all looks like with the screens on the dining room doors, but Robin has been too distracted to do her job and take them. She claims that she needs to focus on keeping us safe and a little happy before she gets out the camera, but I think she’s just shirking.

Robin was away most of Wednesday. She got to present for the first time to the Paws in Prison program. She had visited three times and then took the training to become an official prison volunteer. Yesterday was the first time she was official. Now, she can go any time she wants to! She has met some of the handlers before and most of the dogs. Just Bruno and Twiggy were new faces to her. She shared some of what she learned at the Kathy Cascade seminars on working with Shelter/Rescue Dogs and with Shy and Frightened Dogs. Lots of the dogs in the Paws in Prison program are frightened.

The coolest thing she’s learned in her study of how to help shy and frightened dogs: the skills we taught her that make us happy totally work with dogs.


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Getting used to Reggie Plus Paws in Prison

  1. I agree! How pawsome mewz Robin is working with prisoners to teach them compassion and respect for animals and themselves. And the dogs benefit by being treated decently for the first time in their lives and learning to trust humans. I’m sure she is grateful as mewz human for all mew kitties have taught her, the knowledge she has to be able to volunteer with these dogs and prisoners. I suspect mew are right Chessie and she may be shirking on some of her photo duties, but don’t be too hard on her. She does have her hands full, and mew know humans are not as adept at a set everyday, never changing schedule as we kitties. She performs pretty good for a human.

  2. What a cool thing for Robin to do – work with prisoners. Up here we have a program where some prisoners in our local correctional facility actually raise a dog from puppy hood and train it to be a guide dog. The program has been successful, gives the prisoners a chance to give back a little to the community, and certainly helps those on the receiving end of getting a guide dog.

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