Learning to Tolerate Reggie

My room is wonderful. I have ELEVEN windows with a great view of the bird feeder.

I have lots to do in my room. In fact, some things I like to do only in my room (mostly my training, MOL). Robin hangs out with me a lot in my room.

Best of all, Reggie is not in my room.

When I go out of  my room, the humans ask Reggie to stay in a couple of rooms that I don’t go in. Why? When I see Reggie, I get upset. If you are new here, you don’t know that Reggie treated me poorly when he first came in from the street. I have not forgiven him and when I see him I shout at him and insist that he go under Robin’s bed. The humans think shouting is better than me trying to beat Reggie up, which I did a couple of times when I first started going out in the house.

Yesterday, I found out that Robin wants me to stop yelling at Reggie. I guess I brought this on myself by telling her that I am getting a bit bored here in my room with only occasional visits from Nutmeggy and I would really like to spend more time out in the house. On my birthday I told her that I really would like to spend more time hanging out on her bed. It seems that for me to do that, I have to stop yelling at Reggie and stop making him go under the bed. I guess that makes sense to me, except I did live under a bed for a couple of months myself a few years ago. I didn’t think it was so bad living under a bed. I don’t know why Robin thinks Reggie shouldn’t try it for himself.

Yesterday, SCREENS appeared on the doors out of the dining room into the living room and the kitchen. I bumped into one before I realized it was there. Robin gave me treats, so I stayed in the dining room with her for a while before I went back in my room. Lexie stayed here in the dining room too. I was a bit disappointed not to go in the kitchen or garage, but I had been out there for HOURS earlier in the afternoon. It was a good day.

THIS morning, I had my usual cuddles with Robin while she read the New York Times, then she invited me out into the dining room WAY earlier than I usually go out. I saw Reggie in the kitchen and ran in his direction, but I bumped into the screen! I sat there and looked, but Reggie ran out of the kitchen. Robin invited me to have some treats, but I rejected them. How can I eat while THAT GUY is around?!? Lexie ate the treats.

Reggie came back into the kitchen when UH offered him treats. HE ate them! I watched, but I didn’t shout at him or run at him.  Lexie ate my treats again.

A few minutes later, after Reggie left the kitchen, I had some treats. I hung out in the dining room with Robin while Lexie explored my room and watched birds out my window. I helped Robin type. I helped her unwind the brand new rope she bought. I kept watching for Reggie, but he stayed outside my field of vision. I didn’t ever shout at him.

I am a major success, Robin says.


4 thoughts on “Learning to Tolerate Reggie

  1. Wow, Robin has a great training program going for you. It’s not easy to teach cats to get along. Treats help a lot. I hope you will be able to eat your treats with Reggie around real soon and from there to tolerating him is just a matter of time! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. Wow – you have come a long way, and l just know that with Robin’s help, you will one day be allowed to wander thru the entire house. i bet you might even get used to Reggie! M said she likes the screen idea and has tried that, except the kitty she tried it with just jumped over the top. She says it should have been much larger than what she had.

  3. Personally, I think you were much more interested in looking for Reggie than you were in helping Robin untangle the rope

    1. Shhhh! Don’t tell Robin! She thinks I was helping. It makes her happy to think so. Don’t want to spoil her fun.

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