A Cuddle a Day: With UH

I cuddled with UH today because Robin was busy still with the TNR project.

Monday she and her colony of people gathered in 27 kitties for spay/neuter. All of these are unowned kitties, either feral or stray. I like to call them community cats because they are living in community in the community.

Nineteen are girls who got spayed and six are boys who were neutered. The vets still have six more to give their surgeries tomorrow.

This is the first time anybody in our town has gathered up so many cats from different points around the city. These kitties came from colonies all around town. Some eat in parking lots, some in yards, some at service stations and some in a private garage. A lot of them live in their own little forest, and some of those are BIG.

These all have humans who care for them, often more than one human even. The people who are helping out the kitties are all sorts of people. Delivery guys, professors, business people, doctors, teachers. Some of them are well off. Some are not so much. All of them are kind, humane people who wish that all of us cats had someone to love us and a warm room to sleep in.

Robin looked up estimates of how many kittens one mama cat could produce over her lifetime. If she’s average and has four litters a year of four kittens for 10 years, she would give birth to 160 kittens. When you figure out the averages and include her kittens, one breeding pair of cats could produce 420,000 cats in seven years. Keep doing arithmetic and spaying 19 girls who will return to live in their outdoor homes probably means that 7,000,000 or more kittens won’t be born in the next decade.

As this might be the only time in their lives these kitties ever see a veterinarian, we are also happy to report that all of them appeared to be healthy.

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