A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle: Christmas Kittens

We have the Christmas pleasure of having these lovely 8-week-old kittens stay with us briefly. They are playful and happy and love each other lots! They slept in our entry, sort of, but one of them got out. Reggie watched over that kitten, and she slept in Becket’s bed.

They are sleeping now.

They could be your Forever Christmas gift!

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3 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle: Christmas Kittens

  1. Awwwww!!!! Mewmewmewmew! I love baby kits and want to snuggle them! Mom wants to also, but I would get to first of course- I was a mama cat and have more experience after all. MOL! I hope mew can find a wonderful furever home for them together. I don’t think requiring that they go together will risk finding a home. Mew can tell how much they are bonded, almost like twins and homes often do better if a baby kit has a companion. Please Chessie and Meggie, tell Auntie Robin this is the best for them and as she knows, cat’s superior intelligence and observation should never be doubted. MEWHAHAHA! What a pawsome treat to have over the holiday, mewz family is always so compassionate to help kitties. PURRRRRR!!!!!

  2. Awwwwww, they are adorable. (And great photo, those black faces are hard to photograph.) Mommy loves tuxedo kitties so. But there are already twelve of us in the house, I don’t think we can take any more :( Hope you find pawsome homes for them.

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