11 thoughts on “Cheshire Training

  1. I adored mew before my sweet boy kit furiend, but now I not just adore mew, my eyes swell with tears of pride. Mama Pheebs is so proud of mew Chessie! Mewz other furiends who posted are right: mew have trained Auntie Robin and UH like a pro, I can’t wait to read mewz info on how mew did it. I hope to use some of mewz techniques on my Mom. MOL!!

  2. Props to Robin and UH for their work. You know that you trained them!!!!! What treats do you use? We have to get Parker started. Hugs to you all!

    1. I like Alpha cat kibbles. Basically, anything Parker likes will do. It’s important to use small pieces, Robin says. I think she could be wrong.

  3. What an amazing talented Mancat you are! The Girl is making noises about wanting to train me as well, but I am hesitant. I’m not sure if I am trainable.

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