A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle: Sally

Punkinhead nominated his sisfur, Sally, for Guest Cuddler. Punkinhead said

As a kitty Sally had abusive owners. She was a rescue kitty and her (next) previous owner loved her but had to move for a job. She became ours in 2002.

She lived in Vancouver and then moved with us to California. She is playful, snuggly, and has a lot of attitude. When we don’t feel well she snuggles close and takes care of us. We also taught her a trick to tell us when she wants something. Like if she wants to play she rolls on her back and does “bunny paws.” She is beary loved by her family. :)

I am so happy to publish this picture of lovely Sally. Peace and love to the whole family!

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3 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle: Sally

  1. Awwww sweet Sally brings tears to my eyes. Her story reminds me of my sisfur Angel Čermy who went to the Bridge in July. She was ten years old and healthy until one day in June her got sickie and the Dr said it was cancer. She was rescued from an abusive situation and suffered from panic attacks for many years afterward. We adopted our humans from the shelter together and spent the last ten years ruling over our brofur Kaspars who showed up one day at the front door. She was like mew Sally and very smart. She would tap Mom with her paw when she wanted something, and she too loved kicking her bunny feets when she wanted to play! I miss her everyday, but I know she is always with us. Mom says it is seeing and hearing about other kitties like mew Sally, that remind us of Černy, cause us to reflect on precious memories, and keep our love for her forever in our hearts.
    I can tell from the picture and words written above that mew are grateful and have a deep love for mewz family Sally, and that they feel the same about mew. Mew are a loving kitty who is indeed loved. <3 Purrrrrrrrrr!

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