A Cuddle a Day: Rufus, Lizzie and Crys

On the surface this isn’t a photo about cuddles, although you can see a lovely cuddle in the background. However, the scene in the foreground is as heartwarming as the best of cuddles to my human, her trainer friend and all the students.

Rufus was born in the wild to a wild mama and Lizzie is almost as shy as he is. Crys and Drew, another one of the students, have put a lot of their energy into making friends with these dogs who are very, very frightened of people. The result of their work is that Lizzie and Rufus now get this close to them, and come voluntarily, when they are offered treats.

Drew started with Rufus hiding from him six weeks ago. For the record, brie cheese played an important part in gaining Rufus’s confidence. Last week, Lizzie started about 10 feet away from Crys. She keeps her back to the dogs so they don’t have to feel rude taking her food. This has worked amazingly well. Robin says thank you so much to the trainer at Pets in the Park who suggested it, and acting as much like a dog as possible in the early stages of building rapport with wild dogs!

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    1. Thanks! We got some of them done immediately and are still in the development stage on others. It was a LOT of FUN to do that session.

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