A Cuddle a Day: Reggie and Nutmeg

Meggy loves Reggie. Even Karma likes him. I guess he may not be as unpleasant as I originally thought a few years ago.

By the way, Reggie’s feeling better each day. His scabs are gone and he had some blood on his wound, but it looked bright and clear and there wasn’t much of it. No infection-looking stuff.

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One thought on “A Cuddle a Day: Reggie and Nutmeg

  1. MEWYAY Reggie is better! Hi Reggie and Nutmeg! *waves paw* I miss visiting with mew on Twitter Chessie and Meggie, my Mom/slave hasn’t been good about getting us on there as often as she does the Facebook. She says we can barely keep up with all my friends on Facebook as it is. Hmmpfft! Human laziness, slacking is what I call it!! She could learn some time management skills from your Mom/Auntie Robin- Auntie Robin goes to work, serves mew all, helps other animals in need, does her art, does training with mew, types mewz blog, mewz Twitter, need I say more?!? Mewmewmewmew! *whips tail in frustration at Mom*
    Anyway Chessie, mewz fur siblings all like Reggie, I think mew need to give him another chance. Mew have come a long way in the past few years, mew are not the same scared young boycat mew used to be- mew are a confident mancat now! Mewmew!! *purrs*
    PS- Did Auntie Robin tell mew I ordered a copy of mewz book? I can’t wait to get it, I hope mew will do me the honor of pawtographing it! Purrrrrrrr!!!!

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