A Cuddle a Day

I had a busy day here at our house. It started slow and then picked up at about lunch time when Robin let me out into the dining room/kitchen/living room/ entry. (She added the entry this weekend. I hadn’t been in there in ages! I almost forgot about it.)

I’m used to all those rooms and to one other cat being in them with me. Today, I was with THREE cats at the same time: Becket, Karma and Meggy.

Becket hissed at me once, then we had some chicken treats and he thought it was OK for me to be around.

Meggy and I got all puffed up once, and she chased me into my room. Robin got us calmed down. Meggy didn’t steal my food and didn’t block my way in and out.

Karma growled at me in the kitchen doorway. Robin gave us some treats. Later, she looked for us and found me on the table by the window and Karma under it. That’s where we were when THE DOORBELL RANG and we had to run.

Another nice human came in for a few minutes and brought us a present from her dog. It’s a ball that looks like an eyeball!

Then, at lunchtime for us kitties, Robin let Reggie come into the kitchen so I could have some more chicken treats! It’s pretty cool how Reggie makes treats happen for me!

Time for another cuddle and some sleep. Bye! *waves paw*

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7 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day

    1. Meggy wasn’t THAT mean, and I puffed up too. Karma growls at everybody, and she did accept me and lounge around under my table (which is actually HER table usually!).

      I got my own room because I was really anxious that someone would bother me while I was using the litterbox. I’ve been building my confidence up with clicker training. I’m ready for everyone now!

  1. Oh no, Meggie silly! I know we as lady cats need to let our brother fur siblings know WE are in charge, but Chessie is harmless. He’s a sensitive boy, he’s no threat to mewz status as one of the Queen ladies of the house. I guess we all still will have some sibling rivalry though, Mom of course is reminding me I need to follow my own advice as I do the same to my little brother Kaspars. Kaspy was a stray who lived on the streets most of his life when he showed up in our yard, timid and emaciated nine years ago. It took three weeks of slowly moving a bowl of food closer and closer to the house for him to build enough trust for Mom and my Aunt Kate to go near him. He has come a long way when it comes to trust and confidence, yet at times still jumps at the unexpected sight of his own shadow! I know I can pick on him unnecessarily, but when I do it’s not to show dominance- it’s because he is so annoying!! He always has to hiss and freak out whenever I walk in the room, even when I haven’t done anything to him!! Who wouldn’t be annoyed by such behavior?!! Mewmewmewmew! *tail whips back & forth, mutters as she runs off to inspect her bowl for some gushy noms*

      1. Yes I don’t know Karma but Meggie is a sweetheart. Siblings have their moments but we all love each other at the end of the day. Mew ARE ready for anything or anyone Chessie! Mew are a rockin’ mancat!

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