We Got Famous Today!

Hi! I’m Nutmeg and Cheshie promised a LONG TIME AGO that I could help with his blog. So, I’m helping NOW because he’s too modest to tell you all that we both got famous today!

Maybe it was only for a few seconds, but fame is fame, and if you ask me, having our tweets on a BIG SCREEN in TIMES SQUARE is big time fame.

We weren’t the only ones. A bunch of our friends had tweets up there too on the side of the theater where  “THE LION KING” is playing. Purina is behind our 15 seconds of fame. They’re having a promotion for people to tell the WHOLE WORLD why they are cat people.

Cheshie and I told little bits of Mom’s life story in our tweets. It was so cool to get the tweet back from @WeAreCatPeople with the picture of MY NAME on the big screen. Cheshie was so impressed that I got broadcast in Times Square that he wrote a tweet about why Mom is a catperson too. His is nice too.

You might not be able to read the tweets because the print is REALLY SMALL in the pictures, so I’ll tell you what we said. I said, “I’m a #catperson because cats have been my best friends all my life.” (Remember, I was talking for Mom.) Cheshie said, “I’m a #catperson because my big brother and big sister when I was born were Siamese cats!” (He was speaking for Mom, too.)

That’s right, our human is part of the eternal cat family. I guess I won’t give her up for Lent after all.

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