Love for Japan Cats

We are thinking a lot about Japan today, one year after the huge earthquake and tsunami started to pummel the land and its inhabitants. People are still recovering, and they are still working for the displaced animals.

Japan Cat Network is one of the groups working to rescue and care for displaced animals. The situation has been particularly difficult for animals in the zone near the disabled nuclear power plant, where animal guardians have been unable to return for their pets and livestock. JCN is caring for lots of cats who made it out of the exclusion zone and whose families have not been able to return home. They opened a second facility near Fukushima to coordinate this work and continue education and TNR they had been doing for years before the crisis. They are having a big barbecue event today to remember and raise money to support care for the animals. Friends of Japan Cat Network, supporters in the US, helps with the fundraising too.

Cheshire hugsIf you can’t volunteer to help or send a donation, you can send good wishes and learn more about Japan’s cats just by watching your TV. Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats program visited JCN on a recent research trip to learn all about cat culture in Japan for a program that gives us an opportunity to remember those who perished and learn about recovery efforts for those who survived. The show aired last night (March 10); I hope you’ll be able to find it in circulation on Animal Planet.

We’ve got the program on DVR, and we’re going to watch it as soon as I finish hugging my human. Remember to love each other today and every day.

6 thoughts on “Love for Japan Cats

  1. Hi! Mom said she knew she should have watched the new show of Must Love Cats! We’ll look for it on On Demand and try to catch it when it’s on Animal Planet. Thank you, Japan Cat Network for everything you do!

    1. That area is still struggling, according to all we read. Purrs will probably help. I’ll send some too! purrrrrrrrr

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