I Went to the Vet

It sounds easy enough. Hop in the carrier, ride two miles to the vet’s office, have the annual check up, ride home.

But nothing is EVER that simple when I go to the vet. First of all, I hate going in the carrier, so my human tricks me. The minute I realize I’m in there, I START SINGING. Yes, singing. Loudly. Everyone in the house comes running. They think I’m in real trouble. Some of them want to help, I think, but some seem to be gloating. I might be wrong about that, but I don’t think so.

The human runs out of the house with me SINGING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS in the carrier, and we get to the vet early for my 10:15 appointment. However, the vet is running late. Three chihuahuas in one carrier. A boxer mix on a thick lease. A big, happy-looking bruiser dog outside the door waiting to come in. Another big, not-so-happy-looking, black bruiser dog whose collar’s too loose. A reddish-brown fluffy dog in for grooming. A dachsund and his bigger brother at the vet to board.





Oops. The growly dog looks my way and Robin asks if he likes cats. His human shakes her head slowly. The guy with the big, black, bruiser dog says, “He doesn’t like much of anybody, it seems.” Growly’s human says he’s never acted like this in seven years with her. (Would you like to buy some lakefront property in the desert?)

Black bruiser’s collar falls off and he runs up to brown fluffy dog. Bruiser’s human apologizes and grabs him. Happy bruiser dog is still waiting outside.

Robin hugs my carrier to shield me from all the noise. I get quiet while she silently chants the loving kindness mantras. “May you be peaceful. May you be free of suffering…”

11 am we finally get to go to the little room and I have to come out of the carrier. Who are they KIDDING? And then I have to stay because they are too busy to X-Ray my chest right then. I SING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS ALL DAY.

And it turns out I have pretty good lungs.

A year after we finished my treatment for fungal pneumonia, my lung pictures match the old ones perfectly. I have some scarring in there. I cough a little, especially when I feel stressed.

Cheshire looks at his blue bed.I don’t know how I would have made it through that day at the vet without the drops we got from Jackson Galaxy to help my bravery. I never went to my safe place, even after all of the scary stuff with all those dogs. I did sleep all the next day in my blue bed, but I didn’t hide. The next day, I forgave Robin and started cuddling with her again.

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  1. Ooh, Chesire! The Vet’s is a very anxious place fur me too! Our kitties are pretty cool about it when they have to go. I always try to get into mom’s lap while we’re waiting Too bad about the big doggies too. People need to be more careful, we react differently when stressed. BTW, we love Jackson Galaxy and were wondering about his elixers! We’ll go check them out!

    1. I haven’t ever done that, but I did pee on UH when I came home from my neutering surgery. She was kind about it.

  2. Poor Chessie! So very sorry yoo had traumatic VET visit! Dat just pawful. I’m wif yoo, I not like dat carrier at all. Pffft! Hope yoo havin fun day and playin and getting speshal noms! TigerBoyTheCat

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