A Cuddle a Day! New Feature

Most of you know that I was born to a wild mom and arrived at my house all alone when I was just tiny. I lived wild under, and even in, my house for about a month before I let my guard down enough for Robin to gather me into her arms, take me to the vet, get rid of my fleas and start me on the path to the life of a pampered housecat.

I kept a lot of the feral about me, climbing up high, not touching the humans and not letting humans touch me. The day my vet finally diagnosed my fungal pneumonia was the only day I willingly let my human hold me. I cuddled on her lap a couple of times when I was super, super sick. As I started to feel better, it was business as usual without touching. She gave me pills every day for more than a year, and I would occasionally let her touch my tail.

We made some changes in our house that gave me private space to try to let me relax. During the summer I started to curl up next to Robin when she laid down on the floor in my room. In October, I felt safe enough to climb up on her back while she was on the floor. Then — drum roll please — I started cuddling on her lap and even asking for more cuddles than she has time to give me.

Every day that I cuddle with Robin she is still surprised and filled with love to bursting. She’s been taking pictures of me cuddling with her on her new iPhone and texting them to her friends. Every day. Sometimes she posts the pictures on Twitter too, and I finally decided to give in and start a new feature: A Cuddle a Day.

A Cuddle a Day will be pictures of me cuddling with Robin, mostly. The feature will be posted separately from my stories about our life here in and around our house. AND — another drum roll — I invite everyone to send me pictures for the GUEST CUDDLE portion of A Cuddle a Day. I already have the first guest pic, and you are going to love it!!!!!

We’ll keep posting A Cuddle a Day until she gets used to me being a cuddler, which may mean FOREVER! She calls me “cuddle muffin,” but I am NOT  a muffin.

I am an affectionate mancat!!!

17 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day! New Feature

  1. We have a kitty, Eddie, that my daughter rescued from a parking lot and took him to be neutered and shots. He is still very scared and has his own room as we have other kitty family and a little doggy. He will sit on my lap and my hubby’s lap when we go in his room, when he wants to, but not always. I am hoping that there will come a day when he will be more of a family member than he already is, but he has our love and we will let him do this in his own time.
    You are such a cutie and I know your mama loves you with all of her heart.

    1. Thanks for visiting! If you have a picture of Eddie cuddling with you, I’d love to publish it as a Guest Cuddle. Please, let me know.

  2. Whoa! I’m still keeping it real. I’ll lay next to Pop on the couch but I ain’t sitting in anyone’s lap. TW is ascared to lay next to me on the floor for fear I’ll attack her and I’ve been living the good life here for over 6 years.

  3. Hi think Cheri said it all – how lucky you are to have the human you have to take that much time and patience with you to bring you to this point. Your human deserves every cuddle she can get too – you have a super catmom. We’ll look forward to more cuddles a day.

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