After I posted about Sebastian and his family, we found out that another family had lost their home in the fire as well. CJ was hurt in the fire and his brofur passed away. Kathi, his human, got great care for CJ from the emergency vet, and now they’re both working to get back on their feet again.

CJ is healing and Kathi has started working again. He watched birds on Monday and was really hungry. A Tonk’s Tail has regular updates on his progress.

Robin drew a picture of CJ before the fire to send to Kathi, so she’ll have art to put on her wall when she gets a new house. I was showing my Twitter pals the picture, and @SeattleP had the GREAT IDEA that we could put CJ’s picture on a card. Robin agreed with the idea and sent the design to the printer right away.

We’re taking pre-orders for CJ cards and should be able to ship them by Monday. We’ll contribute all the proceeds to the  Kathi and CJ Fire Help fund.

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