Mystery Has Returned to Patrol

After one week in the catio, Mystery was ready to head back out. Robin thought he should stay in the catio for one more night. She let him out in the morning on Thursday (exactly one week after he turned up hurt). They went to all of his important places together. Robin stayed with him while he sniffed EVERYTHING. He made sure the food bowls were still there in the shed and on the front porch. He rubbed his head on the little fig tree (he loves that fig tree).

When they started coming back around the house, Mystery hung back, and Robin thought he was ready to be on his own. She headed around the house, and Mystery RAN to catch up with her. They got back to the catio area, and Mystery headed for the place where he and Huckie go under the house. He stopped at the opening and looked back over his shoulder. He had to go in there to check everything out, and he had to go alone.

She came home after her morning meeting to hang out with him and make sure he was ok. She sat on the front steps and sanded her wood sculpture while Mystery cuddled on her lap.

Mystery agreed to spend one more night in the catio, but he didn’t want to sleep in there on Saturday night. It was too bad that he didn’t want to be in there because we had awful storms Friday, Saturday and even some on Sunday. All the Garden Kitties were pretty scared of the thunder.

They’ve all been eating well now that the humans figured out to buy them pate and not shreds. Even Sparkle has been coming for at least one meal a day. She was so scared after the thunderstorm that she let Robin pet her and pet her, even pet her with both hands at once. The kitties had a nice dinner during the Super Bowl. They stayed in the shed for their after dinner bath while the rainbow shone over our house.

Sparkle was calmer on Sunday and today too. She has been around a lot more than she was from about Christmas time. The humans were beginning to think she had moved on. I guess she noticed that the humans really are up to providing the best service. We have some really decent humans. Of course, I have my own motives for wishing Sparkle would stick around. When the humans are worrying about one of us, insider or Garden Kitty, the rest of us don’t get as much attention as we would like.

Robin is glad that Mystery is better. She’s also glad that she could be there for him and that he is back on patrol at our house. This morning he plunked down behind Robin’s car. He does that when he doesn’t want her to go to work. Of course, none of us want her to go to work, but we aren’t quite as direct. She CLAIMS they pay her in cat food, so we reluctantly let her leave.

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