Mystery’s House

After sleeping for the better part of three days, Mystery is walking, with a limp, around the catio.

Saturday night Robin went out to check on him one last time before bed, which was the first time he came out of his house since he went in it on Thursday. She gave him food, but that’s not what he wanted. He climbed up on her lap, snuggled in and purred and purred and purred. He rubbed his head all over her, head bump after head bump.

His paw is back to a reasonable size, not like a flipper anymore. He is eating a reasonable amount of wet food and some kibbles too. He’s doing all the necessary bodily functions, too. He’s definitely on the path to full recovery.

The humans were outside working, and Mystery observed for a while. He helped Robin paint the catio structure, then went back in his house to rest. Robin started priming the horizontal boards this weekend so she could keep Mystery company and still get some necessary things accomplished. Because she waited so long to start painting, she’s got extra work to prepare the boards for painting. She thought about using her power sander….. but quickly realized that even the most stoic of cats (Mystery is definitely a member of that group!) would be upset by the loud noise. She’s sanding by hand. That’s OK, however, because she gets to keep Mystery company longer.

Huckie came to the door to visit yesterday, too.

Many of you have commented on or asked questions about the little house. Hammacher Schlemmer sells it for $129. The outside walls are water resistant. Doors on front and back help kitties move in and out freely. Mystery was looking out the front most of the time, but when he was looking out the back, he insisted that Robin hold his food dish at that door, so he wouldn’t have to turn around. (Smart kitty!) The pad’s heater matches a cat’s normal body temperature and isn’t adjustable.

4 thoughts on “Mystery’s House

  1. That’s a nice house! There’s also a way to make one using a storage crate from Home Depot & some insulation. I’m glad Mystery is doing better. Gotta go back and see what happened to him foot.

  2. Your comment about the store that handles the house was great. Let’s hope lots of people decide to do something nice for their outside cats.

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