Getting ready for Secret Santa!

edgar-karmaIt’s about time my human let me work on my blog. I hope you all hadn’t thought I forgot you! I’ve been living well in the art room and enjoying a visit from @Edgardakitty. All of us enjoy having Edgar around. Karma was particularly enthusiastic to learn where Edgar had been Trick or Treating and she knocked him over. He was a little shaken, but he forgave her almost right away.

Halloween, of course, brings thoughts of Christmas to mind (no, we didn’t forget about Thanksgiving!) and we got to thinking about how much we enjoyed Anipal Secret Santa last year. We got going a little late in the season last year, however, so we decided to get going on organizing Secret Santas for those who would like to participate this year.

I’ve been announcing on Twitter and getting good response.

I’ll list the participants here on this post, updating the list and the date, and will keep the addresses secure and only share them with your personal Secret Santa. From now on, when I want to talk to the group, I’ll add to this post and use #SecretSanta hashtag on Twitter.
I’ll be updating the list until November 24 and will send out Secret Santa assignments on November 25.

That gives Santas about a month to make or select a suitable gift that isn’t too extravagant for the pet and get it to the doorstep on or before Christmas!

I would like pals who sign up to participate to let me know if they are willing to post gifts anywhere (so far we have participants in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States) or if they would like a “Sant-ee” in their own country. I’ll do the best I can to match you up appropriately. Several of us found that ordering from a pet shop in the recipient’s country works really well to keep shipping costs manageable.

Remember, November 24 is the last day to sign up for Secret Santa!

Here’s the list of participants as of 0:00 November 25:

  1. Boomiethecat
  2. Katieboocat
  3. Indykitty
  4. Rumblepurr
  5. ThePixelMoon
  6. Cheriswan
  7. Frankiemeow
  8. LiluLuWhoT
  9. SimoneleChat
  10. WallaseKatt
  11. Isagold
  12. PetietheCat
  13. PepperPom
  14. Tipsy_Kat
  15. CheshireK
  16. NutmegTorby
  17. DaneRay
  18. HollieCatRocks
  19. Prudence (@tildatoo)
  20. Cathy Keisha
  21. MariodaCat
  22. BorisKitty
  23. NulaTheCat
  24. Pumpkinpuddy
  25. TinyPearlCat
  26. MizzBassie
  27. Meow_Girls (Tipp
  28. Meow_Girls (Penny)
  29. primitivedog (Terujishi)
  30. SeattleP
  31. DashKitten
  32. JennyRosePetal
  33. Toki_Poki
  34. EuripedesTheCat
  35. Spookyshorty
  36. Hemmingwayscat
  37. Bdgrlaw
  38. Skeeterthetabby
  39. AnnieSparkles2
  40. SnowyWestie
  41. Smokey8
  42. kittykitty_kkat
  43. MaggieTKat
  44. NikePurrfectCat
  45. OllyTed

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