The Big Sewing Surprise

Cheshire with fabric
I’ve been telling everyone that I’ll post pictures of the BIG SURPRISE sewing project, but it was a surprise and I couldn’t very well publish pictures until it wasn’t a surprise anymore.

Robin and UH wanted to make this project really special because it’s for a BABY. Not just any baby, but my human cousin, who has been dubbed The Bean. The Bean will be here in the beginning of October, according to predictions, and we don’t know yet if The Bean is a girl or a boy.

We DO know that the Beanery (The Bean’s bedroom!) is being decorated with an animal theme, so I suggested Laurel Burch, of course, for the bassinet. It has to be special because it’s special to my human family. UH slept in this bassinet when she was a baby, and so did Robin and her brother (The Bean’s daddy). Robin’s dad moved in the mid-90s and was going to get rid of the bassinet, so Robin said she wanted it. She moved it cross-country three times, just in case there would ever be another baby. She let her stuffed animals hang out in the bassinet for a few years, but then she put it away and almost forgot it even after The Bean was already on the way.

Once The Bean is born, that will be three generations sleeping in that basket. That’s all the generations in my human family that have been born in North America!

BassinetThanks to UH, the tradition of babies sleeping in this bassinet will carry on, but it isn’t going to look traditional at all. UH made the bumper in Laurel Burch horses that run all the way around the basket. She even made the mattress (bassinets don’t come in standard sizes, and none of the commercial ones fit), so it has animal images in white-on-white fabric.

Nutmeg with horsesI helped Robin make the skirt. Nutmeggy checked to make sure the horses are friendly and that the baby will have enough room in the basket. Don’t worry, the mattress was covered in plastic, so Nutmeg’s fur won’t get stuck on The Bean’s nose.

Nutmeg in bassinet

4 thoughts on “The Big Sewing Surprise

  1. OMC that is a beautifuls bassinet for The Bean. And how sweet of Meggy to test it for comfort and size. Such a thoughtful lil girl kitteh. Cheshire that is a wonderful picture of you holding the fabric down. You are such a handsome kitteh. Hug hug hug

  2. Another beauifully finished project by Robin. She’s really getting good at this sewing machine stuff. Of course, I think it turned out so well because you supervised every stitch.

  3. That’s a very beautiful set Robin made for the bassinet. I love that the bassinet stayed in the family so long. There’s a lot of love stored up in it.

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