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Petunia sitting on the lamp shelf.

Happy Labor Day, everybody. We were happy to have Robin home with us for an extra day. It got cooler today by about 10 more degrees, down to a high of 91 F. Robin decided that Petunia could go out in the Kritter Kondo.

We are spending Labor Day sending purrs to… well ….. to everywhere around us to the people and animals affected by the Central Texas wildfires. We’re keeping paws crossed that nobody tosses a cigarette into a pile of leaves in our neighborhood, but Robin claims to have an emergency plan. I have been told I’ll be sharing a carrier with Meggy if we have to go somewhere else. I hope she lets me have at least a little bit of the food.

To keep our minds off of scary, unpredictable things, we’ve been catching up on some blog reading. I jwant to let you know that Cokie the Cat is having a blog hop for The Anipal Times. I entered the hop, but my blog hosting site doesn’t let me add the code that would actually allow you to hop to the other blogs in the chain. If you go to Cokie’s blog, you can hop around.

Also, my human has decided she wants to blog too. I’ve been giving her pointers because I’ve been at this a lot longer than she has. You can see what she has to say at Useful, Pleasant Lives. It’s kind of a blog for girls, so I hope some of you will find it interesting. I like my human a lot, and I think you will too.

3 thoughts on “Hopping Blogs

  1. Keeping our paws crossed for the safety of everyone near the fires. Good to know that your Robin has a plan if she needs to get you to safety! Mom just read Robin’s “Useful, Pleasant Lives” and she’ll be following it now. Very inspiring! I’ll have to keep after her now to work on her own blog too!
    Stay safe!

  2. mario’s M here – What a lovely blog you have created. I will be following you and looking forward to more posts. I just read your last one and know the person well. I’m so happy “book seller” has found something she loves doing and is getting paid. Who knows where this endeavor will take her, but I’m sure it will lead her onward and upward with good things coming around the corner. Oh, I’m trying to set up a new blog for myself too – “stumbling along with Parkinson’s Disease.” It isn’t ready to launch yet and I’m not even certain what direction it will take (will not be scientific for sure), but maybe it will be interesting enough for someone who has recently been diagnosed with PD).

  3. I’m sorry your WordPress won’t let you post the hop links. The paid WordPress sites can post the links. : P Thanks for joining the hop anyway!

    Sorry you’re having such terrible fires. I hope they go out RIGHT AWAY. I look forward to your mom’s blog. As soon as Mom decides on her blog name, she’ll have one too!

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