Thank You, Peeps

Karma sleeps

Our little cat family had a big event when this new cat rest appeared a little while ago. It just turned up in the kitchen one day after Robin had been OUT the day before. Petunia was the first to find it and give it a sold sniffing. Nutmeggy, Karma, Reggie and Becket all got their noses on it too. Everyone wanted to find out where this piece of furniture had been and who had used it before it ended up at our house.

Word is that Robin received it as a gift for helping her friend Carolyn have a garage sale. The previous owner of the cat rest is Peeps, an 18-year-old gray kitty that Robin has known for about half her life. Peeps and her buddy Chester, who is OTRB, had a really good time playing, scratching and sleeping here. Peeps is going to Chicago now, and she can’t take her furniture with her. She might even go to Egypt, where she really couldn’t take any furniture.

My brofurs and sisfurs are enjoying the cat rest. Everyone except Belle, who won’t come in past the kitchen, has had at least one good nap on it. Reggie stretches out and relaxes.

Karma has the best time with it. She sleeps on both levels and has a mousie with her (yes, the one that someone put in the toilet). She throws the mousie halfway across the house and the humans pick it up and bring it back to her. She has everyone wrapped around her paw.

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Peeps

  1. Hai Cheshie!
    So glad to see u haz cat tree. I haz wun too. I share’s mine wif #BettyBlue… I’ll send u a twitpic of us on it.
    You r so lucky to have so many fursibs to share wif.
    Isa xox

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