First Up In The Art Auction For Joplin: Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea TurtleMy human was just in Florida and she saw about a dozen turtle nests on the beach. Humans protect the nests and make sure that at least some of the little ones make it back to the water to get the chance to grow big, like this Green Sea Turtle. The human’s dad even says he can tell it’s going to be a hard hurricane season by where the mama turtles made their nests. I don’t know about that, but Robin was inspired by the nests, even though she didn’t see a single turtle.

This painting in ink is 11×14 on recycled paper. Robin uses Copic markers, which use an alcohol-based ink. The work will come to you matted, ready for a frame.

The proceeds from all five days of auction will go to the Humane Society of Missouri. Also, all proceeds from sales on our art store this weekend will go to the HSMO for disaster relief operations.

Bidding is now open and will continue till 10:59 p.m. CDT Friday, July 1. Place a bid by leaving a comment on this post. The winning bidder will be announced at 11 p.m. and will receive additional instructions.

Be sure to check the comments regularly to follow the bidding. The opening bid for Green Sea Turtle is $15.

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