Auction Preparations In Full Swing

Painting by BorisKitty
Sneak Preview: BorisKitty introduced anipals to Paint for Cats.

The Art Auction for Joplin proceeds will go to the  Humane Society of Missouri. HSMO provides first response for animals in disasters around the state.

In response to the tornado in Joplin in May, HSMO sent a team of 23 people including veterinarians and others trained in animal rescue and sheltering. This team worked with local volunteers to rescue animals hurt by the tornado, keep them safe, reunite them with their human guardians and, if the humans can’t be found, to place the pets with new families. We salute the work and devotion to the welfare of animals and their humans of the first response teams and the HSMO in general. We’ll be donating all of the proceeds from this week’s art auction and this weekend’s sales at the art store to the HSMO.

Green Sea Turtle
Sneak Preview: Robin's Green Sea Turtle painting opens for bidding tonight at 11 p.m. CDT

This auction features paintings in ink, jewelry and a quilt. Bidding opens on the first artwork — an ink painting of a sea turtle by my human —  TONIGHT at 11 pm CDT and will continue through 11 pm CDT Friday. Meanwhile, we’ll be preparing works by @BorisKitty, who is new to the art scene, and the human companions of @GeorgeTheDuck and @MaggieTKat as well as a new work by @WHSKR.

We are also augmenting the inventory of the art store with more cards and jewelry. We’ve got quite a few certificate winners from PawPawty. We’d love to see you in the store this weekend!!!

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