New Developments and an Important Announcement

Cheshire on the Rug
This is me in my new room.

Hi, pals! Lots of new developments at our house since May! The biggest one is my move into the art room. I have my own space here where I feel safe and secure. The best part is that I get to supervise all of Robin’s artwork when I’m not too busy looking out one of my ELEVEN windows.

I moved in here a few weeks ago after a short ride in the carrier when Robin brought me down from upstairs. At first, I missed being able to watch Upstairs Human making quilts, but I’m over that now. Instead, I have really surprised Robin by cuddling with her every single day. I rub around her ankles and insist that she pets me before I eat my breakfast. Sometimes I get her to pet and cuddle me for more than 10 minutes before I eat. I’m not sitting on laps or anything rash like that, but I purr and ask politely for affection (and opportunities to drink from the faucet too).

CK slipcoverNow that I’m all settled in here, we’ve started an important project for our house — a slipcover for a chair that all of us really like — and I am helping with the measuring and sewing. We made a blue “muslin” to make sure Robin could really make a cover that would fit on the chair, then I sent her for fabric. @Tildatoo has been encouraging us, and she offered to help if Robin runs into any problems with the cutting and sewing. So far, I approve heartily of the progress.

We got the entire chair looking blue and Robin is sure she can make a nice final cover. The blue one will become a pattern. The final color is a deep violet. Most of us are dark colored, and our fur won’t show up too well on the chair, but mine will stand out nicely.

More importantly, I’ve got artwork to auction to help with animal relief in Joplin, Missouri!!! The auction will start Friday, July 1 and run through July 4. There is no better time to come together to assist a U.S. community than on the weekend that we celebrate the birth of this country. This auction will feature artwork by three humans — mine, @MaggieTKat’s and @GeorgetheDuck’s — and an original painting by @BorisKitty himself! We will also have more artwork for sale at fixed prices in my store. All of the proceeds of the auction and store sales for the long weekend will be donated to help with recovery for the animals of Joplin. More details on that to come during the week.

My human and I and all of the other pals who participate in the auctions really appreciate the support of the art buyers of our community for our goal to help animals in disasters. We can’t wait to generate some more excitement about art in service of the community this holiday weekend!!!!

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  1. I’m sure there will be lovely art work available again as you and Maggie’s mom do great work. Your new chair covering sounds lovely. My dad slipcovered a couple of chairs in our house. They looked very nice when he was finished. It will be exciting for you to have a new chair to nap on.

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