Help Us Help New Zealand Kitties, Pt. 2

Thank you to @Isagold for the winning bid on “Gray Cat. Found.” We applaud  her for her desire to help the SPCA care for animals affected by the earthquake last month in New Zealand!

*Huge round of booming applause*

Black and White Kitten. Found.
Black and White Kitten. Found.

We did promise to auction the fourth Christchurch Cats drawing as well. This one is “Black and White Kitten. Found.” My human really likes this drawing and the way it turned out a bit different as a Zazzle card.

This kitten was also looking for his human family on Trade Me. (More than 500 listings for lost and found pets on Trade me as of today.) He is so little that he fits in one human hand. We do so hope that this kitten, and all the other displaced pets, finds his human family soon. We also offer purrs of comfort and strength to those humans an pets whose lives are permanently shaken up by the earthquake.

More than anything, we wish the people and animals of New Zealand peace and safety in which to rebuild.

We are now ready to accept bids beginning at $20 on the drawing, in markers on 5×7 bristol paper, “Black and White Kitten. Found.” Please offer bids in increments of $5 by commenting on this post. The auction will be open until 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 3.

We will add up the royalties on Zazzle and the proceeds of the auctions and send them right off to the Canterbury (Christchurch) SPCA. I’ll update everyone how much we were able to donate because of your kind support of cat cards and art for Christchurch.

9 thoughts on “Help Us Help New Zealand Kitties, Pt. 2

  1. So pleased to have won mate. Thanks fur creating this artwork fur the NZ pals.
    I went to @Rumblepurr’s blog to settle up & found the chip-in is closed. Do u know how I can donate direct?
    Thanks buddy,
    Wallas & Isa xox

  2. Hi! I would like to bid $30 for the beautiful artwork! You do a great job & thanks for helping out the anipals!

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