Help Us Help Kitties in Christchurch, NZ, Pt. 1

Gray Cat. Found.
Gray Cat. Found.

The earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, separated this cat from his humans. He is safe with another human, but he looks so scared. That’s something that we have noticed in he eyes of all of the kitties who have just been through the earthquake and aftershocks. So many pets and human guardians have lost each other. So many people and animals hurt. So many buildings destroyed. We heard from @PollyPuss11, one of my anipals on Twitter, that it could cost more than $16 billion to rebuild the city. Oh my!

My human wanted to help out with the fundraising to care for pets injured and displaced by last week’s earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, so she started making pictures. She has drawn four cats who have been found and are looking for their human families on a website called Trade Me.

@Tildatoo, one of my Twitter pals, won “Seal Point Birman. Found.” and “Ginger Girl. Found.” at a fundraising pawty where pals overfulfilled a Chip In goal by contributing more than $2,000 (US) for the Christchurch SPCA. If you missed the pawty, you can get Christchurch Cats cards in my Zazzle store, and I’ll contribute the royalties to the SPCA, too.

During the pawty, my human drew two more displaced kitties. She asked me to put them up for auction here on my blog to see if we could contribute more to the fundraising for the earthquake recovery for pets in New Zealand.

Today, we’re going to start bidding for “Gray Cat. Found.” in comments on this posting. “Gray Cat Found” is a 5×7 drawing (Tombo and Copic markers on bristol paper). I’ll send the winner of the auction information on how to pay my human with PayPal. We will contribute all the money (less shipping costs, about $2 if in the US) to the Christchurch SPCA.

We’ll take bids for “Gray Cat. Found.” starting at $20 in increments of $5 until 11:59 (midnight) EST, Tuesday March 1.

5 thoughts on “Help Us Help Kitties in Christchurch, NZ, Pt. 1

  1. Wunnerful idea Cheshie,
    (& u givin Wallas more ideas fur makin money, cept he can’t draw!… he keeps readin yr book over & over.)

    N so, I bid $5 up to Furty, as da pic doz look like my #BettyBlue. I hope dat NZ kitteh finds its fambly.

    Luvs ya,
    Isa xox

  2. Oy! Mario & Rumbles – You forgot to place a bid!

    Oh Cheshire,
    Gr8 idea mate, and good management of your hooman.
    I’ll bid $25 to get the ball rolling and hopefully lots of kittehs chasing.

    Cheers buddy,

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