Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 3

Today’s artwork comes from Marjorie Dawson in New Zealand. The Twitter community know’s Marjorie both as @whskr and as @DashKitten’s human. Dash Kitten blogs, and so does Marjorie. The Fantail features her thoughts on crafting and inspiration. Her store on Etsy is WHSKR.

DashKitten and Whskr were at the center of a group that helped us raise funds for animals affected by the earthquakes in New Zealand. Now, she is donating her gifts to the Paws for Japan fundraising effort, too.

I wish that I had these really cool pendants here at my house. In addition to being pretty, they are shiny and I would be able to bat them around, at least until my sisters Karma and Nutmeg found them!

We’ve got pictures of both sides of the pendants for you to look at.

The pendants are crystal glass with a softly bevelled top edge.  Both pendants are decorated with authentic Japanese paper with lustrous colours and beautiful gleaming gold embellished lines.  The colour is bright and vivid or deep and dark (depending on the pendant) The backs will be coated with a thick layer of glossy and luxurious resin. Each comes with a ball chain for wear.

Everyone is getting so good at playing this auction that I’m introducing a new twist to keep bidders on their toes. The pendants will be auctioned SEPARATELY. Neither has a minimum bid, but if the winning bids are less than $20, the winner(s) will pay $5 for shipping. If the winning bids are more than $20, WHSKR will also throw in the shipping!

To place a bid for the PINK PENDANT, say PINK in your comment along with your bid.

To place a bid for the BLACK PENDANT, say BLACK in your comment along with your bid.

Keep them separate in your comments if you are bidding on BOTH!

Please bid in increments of $5. The top bids at 11:59 on March 20 win the pendants! Let the bidding begin, and keep in mind that all you spend on these wonderful pieces of art jewelry will also fund World Vets relief work in Japan!

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