Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 2

Kimono quilt wall hanging
Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief: Day 2: Wanda Kruse

Today we feature the first of several wonderful wall hangings by Wanda Kruse, @MaggieTKat and @ParkerSKat’s human mom. She has been a member of a Japanese print fabric club for years and is appliqueing and quilting as fast as she can to get quilts ready for the Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief.

This one is about 18″ x 22″. As Maggie wrote on her Kruse Kats blog:

“This wallhanging that is almost ready (need to do the binding). It is made from a kimono print produced by Kona Bay. I used elements from other fabrics to add collage to the surface. I attached the collages with free motion using gold metallic Sulky thread. The quilting was done with either clear nylon or rayon thread. Email me if you want to know specifics or better colors.”

The auction for this lovely quilted wall hanging begins at midnight and will be open until 11:59 p.m. on 19 March. The highest bid in the comments at that time wins the quilt and we will donate the sum, minus postage costs, to World Vets.

The starting bid is $25. Please make your bids in multiples of $5 or $10.

9 thoughts on “Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 2

  1. OMC this is so bootiful. Congrats Petie!
    (I’m so glad @Isagold & I have been offline… she’d want this, but she’s sent me broke already!! MOL)

    Well @CheshireK & @MaggieTKat fur auctioning such gawjus items fur Japan.

    Wallas x

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