Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 4

Quilted bag
Quilted cosmetic bag: Day 3 of Auction for Japan Animal Relief

Last night, @Smokey8 won the auction for “Parasols for Japan.” Smokey and his human are doing as much as they can to support the fundraising efforts for Japan.

@PetietheCat and his mom posted the winning bid for Wanda and @MaggieTKat’s kimono quilt. I am purring congratulations, so I’m going to let the computer publish the lovely auction item for Day 4 all by itself. (It’s really ameowzing how computers can do that sort of thing!)

One of my favorite things about hosting this auction is getting to see the beautiful things the humans make before everybody else does, and this pretty quilted cosmetic bag by @Boomiethecat’s mom Connie Archambault is especially fun. If I had the bag here, I’d meow until one of the human’s unzipped the bag, and then I would sit in it. Every quilt needs gingery fur to be complete. Thank goodness Boomer is orange and so is @MaggieTKat’s brother Parker. I don’t know how I could have made it to St. Louis and Toronto to get the job done.

Connie is an excellent quilter, who owned her own quilt shop for 18 years. She made this bag out of cotton batik fabrics in varying shades of blue with two flower squares, a pansy and a passion flower.

“The flowers are from my garden and printed on fabric,” Connie said. This cosmetic bag has a full length zipper, measures 10″ (25cm) long by 4″ (10cm) high and 3.5″ (9cm) wide. It is machine quilted with variegated blue cotton thread and is washable.

Upstairs Human said i would not fit in this bag unless she folded me in half, but then I would be too wide anyway. Just as well. I would rather give it to my quilt-loving pals to bid on to help the relief work in Japan. And, later in the week we will be auctioning a BIGGER bag!

I can’t wait to show you more of the wonderful art these artists are making for Japan tomorrow.

The opening bid for this lovely, blue bag is $10. Please bid by making comments on this post in increments of $5 or $10. All of the proceeds (minus a little bit for postage) will be donated to World Vets, the Paws for Japan beneficiary. I hear that the Paws for Japan drive has already raised more than $34,000 for World Vets. Wow!

This auction will run 24 hours, closing March 20 at 11:59 EDT.

Let the bidding begin!

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