Service Animals Work With Veterans In The U.S.

Originally published

by Cheshire Kitten on 6 June 2010

in the Special World News section of The Anipal Times

War Dog Memorial
War Dog Memorial

Humans in the United States took a holiday from work on 31 May to honor men and women who have fought in the armed services. (Sorry to disillusion you, kitties and pups, the humans did NOT stay home just to pamper and play with you for an extra day!)

Dogs and horses and other animals have also given their lives in service to their nations. Although the various countries honor veterans at different times, I hope you will take a moment to honor the fallen animals when you read this story.

The humans have also been thinking of more practical ways to support the men and women returning from combat service by linking them up with pets. Not just pets, exactly, but service animals too, mostly dogs.

I read on MySeattlePets that some congresspeople and senators have proposed that the federal government offer grants to non-profit organizations like Pets for Vets (the puppy’s eyes *blink* on this website!) and Operation Heroes and Hounds to help them place veterans in the care of the right sort of anipal.

The New York Times reported that service animals have been helping wounded veterans a lot recently. Please, send me stories about veterans you know who have benefited from working with service animals and about animals who have served in their country’s armed forces. The AT will feature them in upcoming articles.

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