I’m feeling well enough to come downstairs.

Me, CK, on one of my thronesSince I’ve been sick, I’ve been living upstairs. I’ve been up there for a few months and in that time I forgot about some of the other kitties who live in my house. Maybe I was delirious or something, but these two never come upstairs.Reggie and Petunia in the kitchen

I was looking at them and they were looking at me.

I remember that I was really afraid of Reggie, the black one, but I have only a hazy memory of the fluffy one.

We got really close and looked at each other later. She seems nice. Her name is Petunia, and she seemed about as surprised to see me as I was to see her. I think we could be friends. I didn’t growl and her and she didn’t hiss or growl at me.

That Reggie doesn’t look so scary either now that I feel so much better.

3 thoughts on “I’m feeling well enough to come downstairs.

  1. That is a real milestone sweetie. I’m so happy you are feeling well enough to go downstairs. Hope you continue to get better and better every day. purrrrrr

  2. I’m so proud of you for going downstairs! It’s a whole different world for you to rediscover.


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