Catering to Kitties in North Carolina

by Cheshire Kitten on 1 May 2010

in the Anipal Interest section of The Anipal Times

jacobquillembryIn the last six weeks 74 cats and kittens have found shelter with Catering to Cats and Dogs, the December PawPawty charity and also Romeo the Cat’s FURPOWER charity for that month.

“Without the Pawpawty, we were down to zero,” said Donna Weaver, the human in charge of CCD. “We weren’t providing food to our fosters because we couldn’t.”

Now, Ms. Weaver said, thanks to the help CCD received from us anipals and some other grants, CCD can send kitty mamas and their babies home with foster humans along with food AND kitty litter.

“You can be sure we spent the money from the Pawpawty and spent it wisely,” Ms. Weaver said.

In addition to food and kitty litter, CCD has a lot of other expenses for the cats. Cats and kittens have to be tested for FIV and feline leukemia before they are placed with foster humans, and every test costs $30. CCD keeps certain medicines on hand all the time. Kitties get medical care, including spay and neuter operations, flea control and deworming if it’s needed.

At about the same time that Romeo responded to popular demand and designated CCD his Furpower charity of the month, Ms. Weaver was waiting for word on a grant from the Petco Foundation. CCD received the grant. She is planning to apply for more grants to continue funding the work of rescuing cats and kittens.

CCD hopes to have a building of its own someday. “Volunteers want a facility to go to,” Ms. Weaver explained. Now that she has learned more about grants, she is sure she will find enough grant funding to realize this goal.

CCD volunteers all work jobs for a living, including Ms. Weaver. Seven or eight humans are caring for families of cats at this time.

“You just pray that your fosters will be honorable,” Ms. Weaver said.

The kitties, and one dog, stay in foster families until they are adopted to forever homes. Ms. Weaver’s family of one husband, one son, two Great Danes and four cats generously shares her with two long-term foster cats and Annie, the foster dog.

Every weekend CCD volunteers staff two adoption locations at nearby pet stores. This weekend, three kittens were adopted. Ms. Weaver hoped that a fourth kitten would be placed this week. A human family has also taken an interest in Annie the dog.

Ms. Weaver said three things are necessary in response to overpopulation of cats. First, humans must spay and neuter their pets. Second, any organization you can volunteer with really needs your help. Finally, please keep supporting rescue work with your donations.

For now, CCD has maxed out its space and energy to take in more kitties. With kitten season in full swing, Ms. Weaver needs as much help as she can get to give evfurryone a chance. If you live in or near Cornelius, North Carolina, please contact CCD and volunteer to be part of the foster and adoption team.

Photo of adoptable kittens from the Catering to Cats and Dogs website.

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