Our kitchen floor

Reggie and Karma examine a triangle

Reggie and Karma have been checking out the progress of work on our kitchen floor. I haven’t handled the noise and disruption well at all and am waiting until I am absolutely sure the Noisy Men are not coming back before I come out from under the bed.

Karma on the border

As usual, Karma is the first to find the best places in the house.

Karma on the new floor
We are going to have to make up some good games to play on this checkerboard.

Do kitties play hopscotch?

One thought on “Our kitchen floor

  1. Love the pattern. I can’t believe you think the stove and refrigerator will cover some of it. The kitchen looks huge.

    I love the cupboards they look very French Country and very stylish. Great choices in colors. I think that is the hardest part of all remodeling…. choosing the colors.

    Carry on with all of your unique ideas.


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