The noble truth of cockroach hunting


Cheshire K hunting roach
Cheshire K hunting roach

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope your day was as least as wonderful as mine. I never ate a full meal today because I had so many roaches to catch, play with and eat. I was not hungry at all.

I carry the roaches all over the house in my mouth. They kind of tickle in there, but tickling can be fun. Sometimes, I throw the hard little body up in the air and let it drop to the ground where I pounce on it (see photo at right). Other times, I throw the roach in the air and get so excited watching those six legs flailing that I jump up myself and grab the bug’s body in midair.

By morning we’ll have at least three bodies on the floor in the living room. I eat the good parts but leave the wings because eating them makes me cough.

Robin reads all this Buddhist literature and wants me to listen to the podcasts with her. I guess she thinks I haven’t grasped the Four Noble Truths.

But I DO have a good understanding of the suffering that clinging causes. When roaches abandon themselves to playing with me, no one suffers. When I don’t cling to the roach, I don’t suffer. I follow this path. That’s three truths. Do we really need the first one?

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