Love and toes


Cheshire Kitten and Robin
Cheshire Kitten and Robin

We love Saturday morning at our house. We get up at 7 a.m. and PLAY. Everyone was together today in the living room, even Belle (and no one jumped on her). Karma and Becket were fighting and I got to jump on him, too. He is about as big as the ottoman, but he hid under there.

The best part was playing with Robin’s feet. I didn’t hurt her with my claws, I promise. When I first came, I thought everything might kill me and I whacked hard with my claws. I think I surprised her that I kept my claws to myself.

I have been here long enough to understand that I don’t have to treat everything like an enemy. I love my whole family.

And I love looking at Robin’s pink toes when I’m upside down.

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