Who’s our mother?

Becket and Karma
Becket and Karma

When I first arrived, I thought everyone here was a potential mom. Before I met the five kitties who lived here, I didn’t know anyone but my mom and my brothers and sisters. My brothers and sisters were about my size, and we were all 1 month old. Karma was the closest to my size, but she wasn’t very sisterly; she growled at me and chased me.

My mom was the only big one, and here, Becket was the biggest of all. This made him the best option to fill the mom slot.

It turned out that Karma thought of Becket as his mother figure, too. He played with us both until we got just so big, and then he distanced himself from us. We kept trying to play, but he turned us away.

After awhile, he invited us to play with him again. He had morphed from mother figure into our biggest brother. We love him.

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