I Went Nowhere In The Car Again

Mom ASKED me if I wanted to put on my harness and go in the car. I was lounging upstairs, not doing anything too important, so I said OK. I put on my pink harness and stretched out on a pink towel Mom had with her. Mom was wearing pink too, but that’s not important AT ALL.

Mom picked me up and I was READY to be scared. I tensed up for it and EVERYTHING. She carried me downstairs and we went outside. We passed only one Cheese, and he’s not annoying anyway. I shouted, “I’m being tortured!” But the people on the other side of the street didn’t pay any attention.Meggy-Singing-sml

And allofasudden we were in the FRONT seat of the car, and I was sitting on Mom’s lap. The people across the street continued not to pay adequate attention to my cries, so I stopped crying. Mom gave me freeze dried turkey.

We sat in the front seat for SIX minutes.

Meggy-looking-forward-smlMom said we are doing something her teacher calls pairing procedure with calm criteria, or PPCC. That means we do something I LIKE (sit on Mom’s lap) with something I don’tlikeyet (sit in the car) and I am calm at the same time (My body was pretty calm, but I was very VOCAL. We think I will really be calm in the car when I’m also pretty quiet.)

It’s kindofOK to sit in the car with Mom and not go anywhere.

P.S. Mom didn’t need the towel.

7 thoughts on “I Went Nowhere In The Car Again

  1. I’m so proud of yoo Spirit Sisfur! *high paw* Before yoo know it you’re going to be a full fledged therapy kitteh!

  2. Sounds like you’re ’bout ready fur an adventure. We luv goin’ places with mommy. Raena just got a new harness cuz she outgrew her old one, and she luvs it. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers fur ya’ll. Glad your mommy didn’t need da towel.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. I ordered a walking jacket kind of harness for Meggy from Snuffy Norton. This one is OK, but it seems like she’s not that comfortable. If she gets comfortable enough to do therapy cat work, she won’t really have to walk in her harness, but it would be nice for her to be comfortable. Yesterday she walked more steps in a row while wearing than she has before.

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