Winter Reverie

feederRobin has been lost in thought lately. We have new ideas for our website, and she’s working on a major announcement.

Meanwhile, the birds are wondering what’s going on around here.

four-gingers-smlWe kitties are just trying to keep warm, whatever it takes. Cold snaps are the best means to getting over our differences because we need each other to stay warm.

We kitties apologized to the birds and politely asked them to give our kibble back.

5 thoughts on “Winter Reverie

  1. *whispers* did the birdies like your kibble Cheshie? MOL! I don’t blame yoo for asking for it back!
    Sometimes Luna snuggles with me when it’s cold-she’s a #HeatVampire and will take it anyplace she can get it, even from me! Stay warm my furiends!
    Looking forward to the announcement!
    Luv yoo!

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