Happy Holidays And A Twelve Days Of Christmas Cat Snowflake!

cheshire-bedHoliday greetings to all (whatever holidays you celebrate)!

You haven’t heard from us because we’ve all been working on STAYING WELL! For the most part, everyone is back to health and wellbeing in our house.

Upstairs Human finished treatment for her summertime ailments and is in her second course of physical therapy. She’s feeling well and started taking walks in the neighborhood recently.

Brie gets his Cheese puff (from his Flovent inhaler!) twice a day. He’s happy. His gift for Catmas is Robin staying home most of every day.

Brie’s brother Cheeses are energetic and interested in everything.

Nutmeg needs to start an exercise program!

Foster kitty Zoe’s skin is healing and she is feeling comfortable with kitties. She would like a forever home for the holidays!

And me? I’m taking over Robin’s bed for the winter months. She bought me an electric blanket last year. She’s such a lovely human!

Robin’s been making lots of paper snowflakes. She’s also making snowflakes out of empty cat food bags. She started out looking at free snowflake templates online, and then began developing her own patterns to cut out snowflakes designed around animal silhouettes.

longhorn-flake-smallShe made a longhorn steer snowflake first. Then, she made the cat snowflake you can see at the top of this post.

She wants to share the pattern for the cat snowflake with everybody because she searched the web and couldn’t find one. If she was looking, she figures, other humans who love cats are looking too.

She says it’s easy to cut 8.5″ x 11″ paper into a square, make four folds and cut out a cat shape. She made a template that can be printed on a regular printer for those who aren’t interested in the challenge of drawing a cat silhouette on their own to download and print. It’s her first snowflake pattern, and she did it fast to get it out to everyone before Christmas. If it’s not exactly a perfect fit on your printer, that’s why, but it’s pretty close.


5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays And A Twelve Days Of Christmas Cat Snowflake!

  1. Thank you for sharing your snowflake pattern! We’re going to use this and maybe let Quint paint on the flakes.

    We received your Secret Paws package on the 23rd and opened it last night. THANK YOU! The towels are beautiful and will be well loved. The Yeowww hearts and candy canes have been appropriately slobbered, nommed, and fawned over by every single Colehaus Cat. Ditto on the pretty, crinkly tissue paper – a Pia favorite! Your heron card and poem on the back is gorgeous and we’re going to frame it right away. Your meowing card was and continues to be a HIT! We and all the Colehaus Cats thank you very much and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

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