Reggie Went To The Vet And We Got New Food

Reggie-bathrobeReggie visited our favorite veterinarian yesterday. Robin went with him and got to look at his bladder on a screen. (She should have brought home a picture!)

I have been getting along a lot better with Reggie lately and feel some sympathy for him if not compassion. It’s not fun being under the weather.

I let him hang out with Robin to get some extra warmth.

Because of his bladder infection, we are trying a new food. We decided from samples that the new food is better than our old food. I sent Robin back to the vet this morning to get us a big bag of the stuff.

As I understand it, we will continue to have canned food in the morning and evening too. Thank goodness that isn’t changing.

UPDATE: Reggie just played with the toy from Robin’s January Cat Lady Box! No one has shown any interest in that toy before, and Reggie jumped all over the living room with it!


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